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Accounting and financial services tailored to fit your business needs.

Dynamic regulations, legislations and modern business envirorment, require comprehensive financial and accountancy approach. Commodus is offering that service quality.

Expertise, experience and efficiency

Competent accountants and economists, continuous training and education, over 25 years of experience in accounting operations are just some of the characteristics of Commodus d.o.o.

Integrated bookkeeping services

Complete bookkeeping for companies and entrepreneurs with final accounts included. Synchronization of clients status with tax…

VAT- calculation

VAT calculation is one of the most important accounting services which entrust to the accountant…

Financial reports

The financial reports shall include the financial position, assets, liabilities, equity …

Creating a consolidated balance

U konsolidovanom bilansu stanja eliminiše se deo dugoročnih finansijskih plasmana…

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20 03 2017

Want to open a company in Serbia?

Map the goals and connect with available enterprise forms. It is important to ask yourself questions and even more important to answer on them sincerely. What is your long-term company vision? Try to project your goals and connect them with the form of the company to whom gravitate.

01 01 2017

Did you know some of these facts and rules?

It is important to know that for income tax from self-employment (samostalne delatnosti) all adult household members of the main household are potential taxpayers and guarantees of the business. (Zakon o porezu na dohodak građana, član 157)

Have time for your business

Commodus special consulting services tend to keep up with the dynamic times and finding way to contribute to your business, making it more efficient and economically concious. Dedicate your working hours to strategic and visionary planning. Do not let your business suffer. Commodus will take care of about paperwork deadlines and necessary administration.

Financial evaluation

Conduction of financial statements according to the foreign customers special requirements.

Neutral perspectiev

Business performance analysis 

Legal forms

Analysis of efficacy and compatibility of selected legal forms of business.


Our client list is in constant growth.