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Our team

Reliable professionals, partners to our clients.

Dedicated and efficient professionals – economists, financial experts, managers and IT technicians.

The success and longevity of Commodus were built and today consists of dedicated and efficient professionals in the field of economics, finance, management and IT technology. Their ideas, knowledge and experience is improving daily operations of our clients.

Maja Zarić


Svetlana Dučić

Chief Accountant

Branka Mihić

Independent accountant

Mileva Žugic

independent accountant

Ljiljana Ninkov

calculation of earnings, INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTANT

Aleksandar Gaković

IT manager

Ubavka Popović


Marijana Nikolić


Jasmina Opaćić


Svetlana Petrović

General affairs

Who we are

Commodus team is one of the pioneers in developing and provision of accounting services in Serbia, Belgrade. Client servicing starts with analysis and planning followed by implementation tailored to each business size and type. Our consistent accounting services often includes clients training or seminars and are supported by administrative services such as messenger.

“Rearly you can find such an efficiency, professionalism and motivation like with Commodus team.”
– Pera Danilović
“Competence and commitment of Commodus team is what sets us on many levels and makes as feel safer, while we build our business.”
– Andrew Johnson