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What are the most relevant set of questions that you would need to evaluate, before opening of a company in Serbia? Which model of the company’s is suitable for your business? Did you know some of the basic regulations that may affect your decision?
13 01 2014

Do you want to open a company in Serbia? Map the goals and connect with forms of enterprise available.

It is important to ask yourself questions and more importantly answer them honestly. What is your long-term vision of the company? 
Try to project your goals and connect them with the form of the company to whom you gravitate. Business forms in Serbia are: 
General Partnership
Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Company
Joint Stock Company
Branch Office
Foreign Company Representative
Business Association
01 01 2014

It is important to know. Did you know some of these facts and rules?

For income tax from self-employment (samostalne delatnosti) all adult household members of the main household are potential taxpayers and guarantees of the business. (Zakon o porezu na dohodak građana, član 157)

In the event of the initiation of the tax collection procedure by the Tax Administration, the tax debt is increased by 5% (Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration, Article 78)