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Taxes, procedures, reports, law…

01 01 2014

It is important to know. Did you know some of these facts and rules?

Taxes, procedures, reports, law…

For a tax on income from self-employment, all subsidiary members of the household of the taxpayer who, at the time of the commencement of the obligation, make the household of the taxpayer, shall be superseded by their assets.

Law on Personal Income Tax, Article 157

In the event of the initiation of the forced collection procedure by the Tax Administration, the tax debt is increased by 5%. Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration, Article 78

The export of goods or services that are not collected and the import of goods or services to a foreign partner that is not paid within 365 days is considered a commercial loan and is subject to the obligation to report to the National Bank of Serbia as a lending business. Law on Foreign Exchange Operations, Article 4

The obligation to control import and export controls was abolished in 2012

When paying software licenses to an in-vendor, a tax on deduction is paid. Law on Corporate Income Tax, Article 40

The company is obliged to pay social contributions for its founders and when performing activities of managing the company outside the employment contract if they are not insured on another basis Law on Contributions for Compulsory Social Insurance, Articles 7-9

The Tax Administration may collect the tax debt of the company and from the property of the owner of the company if the owner has used the company’s assets as if it were his personal (penalties of a legal entity).

The VAT payer is obliged to issue an advance account when he receives an advance for the goods and services he has not delivered or provided until the end of the tax period and to calculate and pay the VAT from the received advance payment. Law on Value Added Tax, Article 16

VAT calculated in the customs clearance procedure on import can be used as a deductible only if paid. Law on Value Added Tax, Article 28

An employer may conclude a contract for work with a particular person solely for the performance of business activities outside the business of a company. Labor Law, Article 199

The reconciliation of claims and obligations with business partners by sending IOS forms is mandatory once a year. Law on Accounting, Article 18 The regular annual financial statements (annual accounts) for 2015 shall be mandatory electronically, signed by the electronic signature of the legal representative. Law on Accounting, Article 33